Today's media makes it easier to consume ideas and associate with people that look and think like us. It is easier and easier to ignore opposing voices and more and more difficult to seek them out.

Burst! helps people gain greater understanding of different points of view by supporting friends and family to have constructive conversations about political issues.

Connect | Listen | Understand

How Does Burst! Work?



Share Burst! with the person you want to talk with to open the conversation. Fill out our conversation worksheet which tells us what you want topic you want to talk about and with which family member or friend. We will select two pairs per month to do an assisted conversation. If you want to have conversations on your own, you're more than welcome to use our DIY tools and share back with us how your conversation went.



Our trained facilitators will work separately with you and your conversation partner to build your constructive conversation skills to give you courage to be bring up hard topics. You will connect via video conference, which we will record (with your permission, of course). The facilitator will be there to walk you through every step of the way.



In the hour immediately before the call, you'll spend approximately 20 minutes on a one-on-one call with the facilitator and making sure you're all set on the video conferencing. The conversation will last 30-60 minutes. The facilitator will help the conversation get off to the right start and help keep you on topic. You can both establish ground rules about what's up for discussion and what's off the table. If at any point the conversation veers negative, the facilitator will guide you back to a productive place. This is not a debate, it's about deepening our understanding of the other person's perspective. 



We will edit your conversation down to a short audio segment that highlights the most insightful and constructive moments of your conversation. We'll share the audio on the Burst! website and other distribution channels where people can listen. Your conversation will create deeper understanding for others that may not be able to have their own conversations and serve as a model for those that want to try having a constructive conversation on a political issue with their friends and family.