Burst! was inspired by the 2016 Presidential Election when half the American electorate wondered how the other half could vote the way they did (and vice versa). Scared that this growing divide in America would continue and worsen, Burst! was formed to figure out how to get people talking again.


Our Vision: 

A less-polarized America where people have constructive and curious conversations about political issues with those that think differently.


Our Mission: 

To open lines of communication between people of different viewpoints and equip them to have a constructive conversations that foster greater understanding and decrease polarization.


The How:

We 1) facilitate and share Burst! conversations between friends and family members that hold different views on specific issues and 2) provide a conversation tool to support constructive conversations that can be used by anyone (including you) to burst filter bubbles. 


Have more questions? Email us or find us on the Facebook Group.